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Dr. Noman Ashraf

Dr. Noman Ashraf

Director MDC


Specialist Orthodontist and certified Invisalign provider

Masters of Dental Surgery on Orthodontics


Fluent English

Basic Arabic

Education and Background

Dr. Noman Ashraf is a specialist Orthodontist and certified Invisalign provider with an extensive educational background in dental care, including orthodontic care and procedures.

In 2006, Dr. Noman Ashraf completed his Masters of Dental Surgery on Orthodontics; and from 2006 through 2009, he was an esteemed professor at the Kamineni Institute of Dental Sciences – India. He has been practicing as an active dental surgeon in Al Ain, U.A.E, since 2009.

After establishing the Al Mumtaz Dental Center in 2014, he continued as its managing director as well as an Orthodontist at the practice itself. He has been the managing director from 2014 through the present day.


He has years of experience in orthodontic procedures on both adults and children, and is well known for his experience in particularly complex orthodontic cases. His expertise in this area has allowed him to gain experience and high levels of skill in many different orthodontic procedures.

Dr. Noman Ashraf is trained in the orthopedic correction of skeletal malocclusion in children; he trained with the renowned Dr. Chris Chang in order to study the non-surgical correction of skeletal malocclusion as well. Dr. Noman Ashraf also has years of experience working with orthodontic correction using aligners, fixed braces and orthodontic implants.

His certifications include his certified membership in the Indian Orthodontic society; his certified membership in the lingual orthodontic society of India; and his certification as a certified Invisalign provider.