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Services At Our Clinic

Our clinic offers all kinds of services and constantly study new technology
to add new custom services to the list

Implant Dentures

Through the combination of advanced technology and experienced dentists, Al Mumtaz Dental Center provides you the implant supported denture treatment.

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Dental Implants

We at Al Mumtaz Dental Center ensure you a smooth and satisfactory implant surgery experience through our dedicated and experienced dental specialists…

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All 4 implants

Through the combination of our expertise and advanced technology at Al Mumtaz Dental Center, we offer you the All-on-4 Implants treatment.

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Metal Braces

Here at Al Mumtaz Dental Center, we have orthodontists with ample experience that handle all types of cases with a 100% success rate.

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We have a team of certified Orthodontist and dental surgeons at Al Mumtaz Dental Center that is recognized as one of the Invisalign providers in the Al Ain region.

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General Dentistry

The general health of a human being has a direct link with his oral hygiene. The education about importance of oral hygiene and the prevention of oral diseases should..

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We offer you quality orthodontic treatment through our experienced orthodontists and advanced technology.  We guarantee you a beautiful smile…

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Ceramic Braces

We at Al Mumtaz Dental Center are determined to offer you the ceramic braces treatment at the possible price. We have a team of dedicated orthodontist.

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Carriere 3D SLX

Dental technology is making progress day by day and to keep pace with it, we also keep updating our center and equip it with latest technology.

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Damon Braces

Quality, efficiency and affordability is promised at Al Mumtaz Dental Center not only for Damon braces but all kinds of dental procedures.

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Clear Aligners

At Al Mumtaz Dental Center we fix all types of tooth alignment issues such as crooked, misplaced, overcrowded, underbite, over bite, open bite or visibly gapped teeth…

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Orthopedic Appliances

We offer both removable and fixed devices and our orthodontist will suggest you what works the for you based on proper examination of your oral cavity.

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Children’s Dentistry

We at Al Mumtaz Dental Center proudly offer the orthodontic treatment for children in order to enhance not only their aesthetic appearance but functionality of their teeth.

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Esthetic Dentistry

When it comes to aesthetic dentistry, it requires expertise followed by proper care to achieve the desired results.  At Al Mumtaz Dental Center, we have qualified aesthetic.

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Gum Dipegmentation

Are you looking for healthy pink gums?  Our highly experienced dentists can help you with gum depigmentation.  We use modern laser technology to remove the…

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Gingival Countouring

Gum contouring is categorized under cosmetic dentistry and you will need an experienced dentist and advanced modern technology to achieve desired outcome.

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Emax Veneers

We guarantee you aesthetically and functionally perfect teeth with the help our experienced dental specialists and advanced CAD/CAM technology.

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Direct Veneers

We provide you the direct veneer treatment at the price in Al Ain region. We make sure that you have a thoroughly comfortable experience starting…

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Teeth Whitening

At Al Mumtaz Dental Center, we have board certified, highly experienced dental specialists combined with modern technological equipment for teeth whitening.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

We are one of the in the field of dentistry and for years, we have served our patients with complete dedication. With us, you do not need to worry about anything…

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Surgical Tooth Extraction

Before you undergo a surgical tooth extraction, make sure you have chosen the right Dental Center where you will be given due attention to complete care.

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Root Canal Treatment

Many people believe that root canal treatment is painful and thus avoid seeing a dentist on purpose. They are likely to experience severe pain unless they get themselves treated.

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Teeth Filling

Here at Al Mumtaz Dental Center, we have highly experienced dental surgeons providing you the needed care at affordable price. Call us today to book an appointment.

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Crowns and Bridges

At Al Mumtaz Dental Center, we provide the services when it comes to fixing crowns and bridges. Equipped with latest technology combined with experienced dental surgeons…

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3Shape Scanner

The 3Shape Intra Oral Scanner is an advanced new scanning tool that utilizes 3D technology in order to create digital impressions of patient’s teeth.

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The NewTom CBCT Machine is a type of CBCT 3d imaging technology; CBCT 3D imaging technology is the latest in advanced digital dental imaging techniques.

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Laser Teeth whitening

Laser Dentistry

Utilizing the latest in dental laser technology, our Specialists and are able to provide minimally invasive, advanced care techniques for patients of all backgrounds. 

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