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What are Carriere 3D SLX Self Ligating Braces?

Carriere 3D SLX Self Ligating braces is a comprehensive technology used in orthodontics for the alignment of crooked, misplaced and crowded teeth into their perfect position.  The brackets are tailor made and specific to each tooth which significantly improves the outcome.  Carriere is a leading brand in the dental field which you can trust without having second thoughts.

How Do they work?

This method is similar to the metal and ceramic braces but it differs with respect to the function of the brackets used.  The first stage involves the bonding of the brackets to your teeth by using dental composite. The brackets used in this method can be locked and unlocked by our orthodontists with a feather touch and twist via the use of an instrument called the EZ twist tool.  The orthodontists unlock the bracket and slide it to accommodate the metal wire.  After the attachment of metal wire, the bracket is locked and the metal wire is tightened.  The main advantage of this technology is self-ligating nature and no use of elastomeric ligatures which makes cleaning of the teeth difficult


  • More efficient
  • Provide a better finish
  • Smooth, and easy to fix the brace
  • Patients will not experience any irritation or discomfort

Why Choose Us?

Dental technology is making progress day by day and to keep pace with it, we also keep updating our center and equip it with latest technology. We provide high-quality, efficient Carriere 3d SLX Self Ligating braces to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Book an appointment today to get yourself evaluated by our orthodontist.

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