What is a Crown?

A crown is a covering that fits over a damaged, fractured, root canal treated or unattractive tooth.

Here at Al Mumtaz Dental Center, you can choose from different types of dental crowns to find the one that suits you perfectly. Our dental specialists will help you pick the best option depending upon the condition of your tooth. The recommendations include ceramic compounds such as zirconium and porcelain crowns.

What is a Bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic structure to fill the space left by a missing tooth. A bridge is made of using the combination of both porcelain fused to metal or zirconium. Zirconium gives more strength and a natural look compared to porcelain fused to metal.

How is a Bridge Fitted?

A bridge is a false tooth attached between two crowns. The teeth on either side of the space are shaped to a smaller size in order to accommodate the bridge.

The dentists at Al Mumtaz Dental Center will scan your teeth and design the ceramic tooth accordingly. This ceramic tooth is then inserted on the prepared tooth/teeth. We make sure that there is no mismatch in color between the ceramic tooth and the adjacent teeth. Once our dentist places the bridge into its desired position, you will no longer be able to differentiate between the bridge and the real teeth. That’s the kind of perfection you can expect at our dental center with the help of our dentists.

When is a crown or bridge required?

Crowns and bridges are used to overcome several dental problems.

A crown is used when:

  • A tooth is fractured or damaged.
  • A tooth is weakened by excessive decay.
  • A tooth is severely discolored.
  • A tooth is root canal treated.
  • A dental bridge needs an anchor.

A bridge can be used when:

  • One or more teeth are missing.
  • Dentures are uncomfortable or aesthetically displeasing.

Why Choose Us?

At Al Mumtaz Dental Center, we provide the best services when it comes to fixing crowns and bridges. Equipped with latest technology combined with experienced dental surgeons, we are well appreciated in Al Ain. Call us today to book an appointment.

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