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What is general dentistry?

General dentistry involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide variety of conditions, disorders and diseases affecting teeth and gums. Most people visit the dentist when they are in pain due to a dental condition. We can honestly say that this is a wrong practice since prevention is better than cure.

Every dentist believes that oral health plays an important role in maintaining general health.  Many diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene. That’s why we encourage regular check-ups as a part of your dental health program. We suggest a check-up once every three to six months. But It is essential that you go for a check-up at least once a year.

General Dentistry Services

General dentistry is the basic area of every dental treatment and provides a wide variety of services like:

  • Scaling – Every dental check-up includes complete cleaning of the teeth. Our dentist or dental hygienist will remove all the plaque that has built-up under the gum-line and backside of the teeth to provide a clearer view for the examination of other oral diseases.
  • Wisdom tooth Extraction – Wisdom teeth are the last molar to erupt on each side of the jaw. Our dental surgeon will remove an impacted wisdom tooth that causes problems for other teeth.
  • Tooth Extraction – Our dental surgeons perform extraction if your tooth cannot be saved or restored.
  • Root canal treatment – A root canal is a dental treatment to restore and save damaged or infected tooth. During root canal treatment, our dentist will completely remove the pulp inside the tooth, clean and disinfect the area, and lastly fill the canal with a rubber-like material called “Gutta-Percha” followed by fixing a crown to restore the appearance of tooth.
  • Teeth Filling – A filling is a procedure to preserve a damaged tooth back to its normal function and shape. Our dentist first removes the decayed part and then fills the cleaned out cavity with filling material like porcelain or composite resins.
  • Crowns and Bridges – Crowns and bridges are artificial prosthetic teeth that replaces a missing tooth or teeth.
  • Children’s Dentistry – In addition to the adult dentistry, we offer different types of children’s dentistry services. These services include regular dental check-ups, Dental cleaning, X-Rays, pediatric orthodontics and emergency pediatric dental services

Why Choose Us?

The general health of a human being has a direct link with his oral hygiene. The education about importance of oral hygiene and the prevention of oral diseases should start from childhood. We provide our patients complete knowledge about oral health and help them prevent dental problems, and if they have already developed, we provide the best possible treatment. We know that regular check-ups halt the diseases at an earlier stage. We encourage regular check-ups as part of your dental hygiene program.

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