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Affordable General Dentistry in Al Ain

General dentistry usually involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of dental conditions, disorders, and diseases. The majority of patients go to the dentist when they are experiencing dental pain. We can honestly say that this is a bad practice.

Every dentist believes that good oral health is important for overall health. Many diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, can be avoided by practicing good oral hygiene, as a person’s overall health is directly related to his oral hygiene. Children should be taught the value of good oral hygiene and how to prevent oral diseases. We educate all of our patients on the importance of maintaining good oral health, assist them in avoiding dental issues, and, if necessary, offer the most effective treatment. Regular check-ups are known to stop diseases in their tracks before they become serious. As a part of your dental hygiene routine, we advise you for routine checkups.

General Dentistry Services

General dentistry is the foundation of all dental treatments and includes a wide range of services such as:

Scaling: A thorough cleaning of the teeth is included in every dental check-up. To make it easier to examine other oral diseases, our dentist or dental hygienist will completely remove all the plaque that has amassed under the gum line and on the backside of the teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: The final molars on each side of the jaw to erupt are known as wisdom teeth, and they must be removed. Infected wisdom teeth that affect neighboring teeth will be removed by our Oral Surgeon.

Tooth Extraction: In cases where a tooth cannot be saved or restored, our dental surgeons will extract the tooth.

Root canal therapy: A root canal is a dental procedure to repair and save a tooth that has been broken or infected. In the course of a root canal procedure, our dentist will completely remove the pulp from the tooth, thoroughly clean and sanitize the area, and then seal the canal with “Gutta-Percha” to restore the tooth’s shape and appearance.

Teeth Filling: A filling is a procedure that restores a damaged tooth to its normal function and shape. Our dentist first removes the decayed portion before using porcelain or composite resins to fill the cleaned-out cavity.

Crowns and bridges: Crowns and bridges are artificial prosthetic teeth that serve as a tooth or teeth’s replacement.

Children’s Dentistry: In addition to adult dentistry, we also provide various kinds of children’s dentistry services. These include pediatric orthodontics, regular dental checkups, dental cleanings, X-rays, and emergency pediatric dental services.

Why Choose Us?

The general health of a human being has a direct link with his oral hygiene. The education about importance of oral hygiene and the prevention of oral diseases should start from childhood. We provide our patients complete knowledge about oral health and help them prevent dental problems, and if they have already developed, we provide the best possible treatment. We know that regular check-ups halt the diseases at an earlier stage. We encourage regular check-ups as part of your dental hygiene program.

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