What is Gingival Contouring?

Gingival contouring, also known as “Gum Contouring” is a form of cosmetic dentistry which mainly focuses on performing gum lifting.  Our dentists recommend gum contouring when the patients have overgrown, excessive or uneven gums.  As the procedure is relatively painless with quicker healing time, our patients can expect to have a smile they always dreamed off in a very short span.


After going through the treatment, you have to be a little careful to allow swift healing. Following are some of the instructions that your dentist will give to hasten the recovery process.

Few things that you need to be cautious about after gingival contouring are:

  • Eat only soft foods during the recovery period.
  • Avoid smoking for a better healing.
  • Follow your dentist’s instruction while brushing teeth.
  • Use pain killers to ease the pain as prescribed by your dentist.

Why Choose Us?

Gum contouring is categorized under cosmetic dentistry and you will need an experienced dentist and advanced modern technology to achieve desired outcome. We at Al Mumtaz Dental Center provide you the best experience through our experienced staff and board certified specialists. We guarantee you healthier gums and a better smile!

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