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Laser Dentistry

Utilizing the latest in dental laser technology, our Specialists and are able to provide minimally invasive, advanced care techniques for patients of all backgrounds. Laser assisted dentistry is extremely safe and effective and can be used for multiple procedures such as:

LASER GUM TREATMENT for Gum disease and Bleeding gums:

Incorporating laser gum surgery into your periodontal therapy plan (deep cleanings) can eradicate infection-causing bacterial while also promoting a healthy bond between treated gum tissues and the roots of teeth. LANAP (LASER ASSOCIATED NEW ATTACHMENT PROCEDURE) significantly shortens the depth of periodontal pockets, increasing your chances of tooth retention and gum disease reversal.

Gum disease and Bleeding gums

Gum Depigmentation:

Soft tissue laser treatment allows us to treat gum discoloration for cosmetic purposes. If your gums are splotchy colored, dark, or you feel self-conscious about their pigmentation (as it relates to the rest of your smile) we can apply the laser to your gum tissue at those locations to significantly lighten the gingiva to a healthier-looking hue.

Gummy Smile:

Do you have a “gummy” smile? Excessive gingival tissues can make your teeth look short and uneven. Laser gum surgery allows for quick, accurate, comfortable gum recontouring without the need for sutures or lengthy healing times. Results are instant. And since lasers seal your gum tissues as the area is treated, you’ll experience significantly less bleeding or swelling than traditional gum surgery.


Gummy Smile

Minor Gum Surgeries:

The Soft tissue laser also works well for surgical correction of fibroma, mucocele, high frenulum attachments and tongue ties. If your baby cannot nurse well due to a tongue tie (causing difficulty in latching) or your toddler shows signs of delayed speech patterns, a laser can gently release the soft tissue at the base of the tongue to allow for better mobility. Results are immediate and there is little to zero discomfort.

Minor Gum Surgeries

Laser Teeth whitening:

The laser teeth whitening procedure only takes 20 minutes and is extremely effective; reducing post-operative dental hypersensitivity. Thanks to diode laser technology, we can complete a safe laser teeth whitening treatment in under half an hour. Laser in-office whitening is the fastest way to combat chronic staining and tooth discoloration, making it extremely useful for our patients with atypical tooth color.

Laser Teeth whitening

Treatment of Bad Breath (Halitosis):

Bad breath affects an estimated 25 percent of people. There are a number of possible causes of halitosis, but the vast majority come down to oral hygiene; which can be effectively treated with Diode laser.

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We offer you quality orthodontic treatment through our experienced orthodontists and advanced technology.  We guarantee you a beautiful smile and restoration of your self-confidence.  Contact us today for a consultation and treatment.

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