NewTom CBCT Machine

The NewTom CBCT Machine is a type of CBCT 3d imaging technology; CBCT 3D imaging technology is the latest in advanced digital dental imaging techniques. At Al Mumtaz Dental Center, we utilize this high-tech technology in order to provide the highest level of care for our patients. If you are interested in knowing more about how we use the NewTom CBCT technology at our center, and why this type of technology is beneficial both for dental care providers and patients, please read on to find out more.

What is the NewTom CBCT Machine?

The NewTom CBCT Machine is a high-tech machine intended to create an accurate 3D image scans of a patient’s dental and facial structure as it relates to their dental health and care. After this technology is utilized to create an accurate digital map of a patient’s dental and facial structures, the digital map is then uploaded onto special software; this software can then be used to assist with diagnosis and help plant treatments in a variety of dental fields. Dental niches that can utilize this modern technology include general wellness dentistry, orthodontics, oral maxilla-facial surgery, periodontics, and more.

How Does the NewTom CBCT Machine Work?

This technology is very efficient, fast and simple to use. As a patient, all you need to do is stand at a designated marking on the floor while your dental care provider creates a scan using the scanning machine. Scans typically take less than one minute, with most scans taking less than 30 seconds to complete!

The NewTom CBCT Machine is so advanced that a single scan can yield multiple angles and 3-dimensional views of your teeth and jaw. This allows your dental care provider and dental care team to take a much more precise look at your health and spot problems and, when necessary, plan for treatment.

Benefits of Using NewTom CBCT Machine

There are many reasons why using the NewTom CBCT machine is beneficial over older and more outdated technology. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable benefits that you, as a patient, will receive due to this advanced 3D imaging machine.

Improved accuracy. Compared to older technology and traditional CT machines, the NewTom CBCT Machine creates a much more precise and accurate map of a patient’s dental and facial structures. Improved accuracy means more accurate diagnoses from your dental team—as well as an improved ability for your dental care team to plan out the right treatment for you.

Improved communication. Thanks to the digital map created by the NewTom CBCT Machine, your dental care provider will be able to show you a digital map of your teeth while they explain their findings and treatment options.

If you have any questions about how we use the high-tech Newtom CBCT Machine in our practice, please do not hesitate to contact us today with your questions.

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