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Orthodontic treatment for children

Orthodontic treatments are used to correct the irregularity of the jaw bites and mal-positioned teeth. Most of the parents are concerned about their child’s dental problems, orthodontic treatment will help them with better chewing, biting and clear speech.  Our orthodontists recommend that the problems with your child’s teeth and jaws are treated at the earliest that will make the procedures quicker and easier.

The dental issues in children start to arise with the eruption of their permanent teeth and most commonly occur between 7 to 11 years of age. The earliest visit to our orthodontists can help achieve well-aligned teeth and jaws within a shorter time frame as their jaws are still in growth period.

Advantages of earlier orthodontic treatment

Parents unaware of their child’s dental issues usually wait for their permanent teeth to erupt to make their first visit to an orthodontist.  However, if they are brought to an orthodontist at the right time, it would reduce the complexity of their condition.

  • Increases self-confidence and aesthetic appearance.
  • Enhances proper jaw growth.
  • Cavities and tooth grinding can be avoided.
  • Properly aligned adult teeth can be achieved.
  • Reduces the risk of periodontal diseases and tooth decay.
  • Reduces the risk of speech problems.

When is it needed?

Our orthodontists recognize three stages of orthodontic treatment.  The stages are divided based on the age group. These stages are:

  • Stage-1 Early treatment (2-6 years old)
    Early orthodontic treatment helps guide and correct the width of both dental arches so that the permanent teeth can erupt correctly.  If your child suffers from bite problems, there is an early loss of baby teeth or your child is a mouth breather, it makes them a good candidate for a visit to an orthodontist.During the early orthodontic treatment, our orthodontist works with your child to eliminate bad habits harmful for teeth and jaw such as thumb sucking and excessive pacifier use etc. Also, when needed, they recommend appropriate functional appliances for corrections.
  • Stage-2 Mixed Dentition (6-12 years old)
    The main goal at this stage is to reposition the jaw, correct the crossbites and gently move misaligned permanent teeth to their rightful position.  Our orthodontist may provide a dental appliance if needed, some of which are removable and your child can eat normally.  However, during the treatment period, you should use the appliances as directed to achieve the desired treatment goal.
  • Stage-3 Adolescence dentition (13+ years)
    Many of us have been misguided that orthodontic treatment only has to be done in adulthood.  But these are merely misconceptions, in fact, early orthodontic treatment helps your child achieve better function of teeth and jaws, and enhances aesthetic appearance.One of the main goals of an adolescence orthodontic treatment is to better align your teeth to enhance your function and aesthetic appearance overall.  Our orthodontists may provide you removable or fixed appliances depending upon your needs.  After the treatment has completed, you may be required to wear retainers in order to prevent the regression of your teeth to their original position.

Why Choose Us?

We at Al Mumtaz Dental Center proudly offer the best orthodontic treatment for children in order to enhance not only their aesthetic appearance but functionality of their teeth and jaw. We have board certified and experienced orthodontists aided with advanced technologies to meet all your needs. Our child-friendly orthodontists and staff ensure you a satisfactory and comprehensive orthodontic experience.

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