What Is A Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are 3rd and final set of molars that usually erupt between late teenage and early adulthood. Being a rudimentary tooth now, in some cases, they cannot come out completely due to insufficient space in jaws to accommodate all 32 teeth.

When Is Removal Needed?

The wisdom tooth eruption is a natural process and does not create problems for everyone. However, few may experience problems such as:

  • Damage to other teeth– The wisdom teeth push out other teeth around and cause pain and bite problems.
  • Nerve Damage– Cysts can develop around the erupted area which may cause nerve damage.
  • Inflamed gums – The tissue around the area may have inflammation and become hard to clean compromising oral hygiene.
  • Cavities– The swollen gums can lead to a gap between the teeth providing a fertile ground for the growth of bacteria and formation of cavities (pericoronitis).
  • Teeth Alignment – The development process of wisdom teeth obstructed by other teeth can cause pain and crowding of the teeth.

How are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

CT scan/ X-ray are taken to determine the exact position of the impacted teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction is a minor surgical procedure performed under local anaesthesia. The gingival flap is raised to expose the location of the tooth to perform the extraction of wisdom tooth. Sutures are placed post extraction.

After the Procedure

After the wisdom tooth extraction procedure, the patient is recommended to take rest and allow healing.  Mild pain medication is prescribed to relieve the pain.  It may take one to two weeks to recover fully.  During this time, it is recommended that the patient avoids any physical exercise which involves shaking of their head.  While sleeping, use pillows rather than a flat surface.

Few may experience swelling after the first day of removal. They just need to place a warm moist heat of a washcloth combined with rinsing of the mouth with warm salt water few times a day.  This will help with discomfort and provide relief.

Be careful when brushing, and eat soft foods during the recovery period. You will be recalled from our office for scheduled appointment for suture removal.

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