What are E-max Veneers?

E-max veneers are a type of high-strength, thin ceramic porcelain that is bonded to the front surface of your teeth for the purpose of enhancing both the function and appearance.  E-max veneers are long-lasting, aesthetically enhaning your smile for a lifetime.  Fitting E-max veneers requires dental expertise and craftsmanship, here at Al Mumtaz Dental Center we have both combined with modern technology.

Who are Good candidates?

If you are not satisfied with your smile because of an unappealing structure and appearance of your teeth, then E-max veneers are an ideal solution for you. If you have misaligned, crooked, or spacing in between the teeth, you should book an appointment with us and we will recommend you the best treatment. In addition to a better appearance, E-max veneers act as a mask protecting your natural teeth from staining and discoloration.

How are E-max Veneers Fitted?

Once our dental specialist has examined your oral cavity, you will be given a proper recommendation depending on your condition. We make sure to involve you in the procedure of designing E-max veneers, which helps you not only understand the process completely but also brings you peace of mind. We also provide the option of “Trial Smile” so that you can see what will be your final appearance.

The final step of fitting your E-max veneers involves bonding the casted e-max veneers to the front surface of your teeth with the help of dental resin cement. After the treatment has been completed successfully, the newly bonded E-max veneers look just like your natural teeth because of their better light transmission and translucency.

After Care

E-max veneers are strong and last for many years, possibly even a lifetime. A yearly follow-up visit to us and maintaining good dental hygiene by flossing, brushing your teeth twice a day, and correct eating habits can help you make your veneers last a long time.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee you aesthetically and functionally perfect teeth with the help of our experienced dental specialists and advanced CAD/CAM technology. We provide you long lasting E-max veneers that are crafted by our dental specialists to restore the beautiful smile that you have always longed for.