Implant-Supported Dentures

An implant supported denture is an overdenture that is attached to titanium implants fixed in the jawbone.  The implants anchored in the gum eventually fuse with the jawbone and act as a stabilized post.  Our implant specialists will recommend implant-supported dentures if you have an edentulous jaw and have enough intact jawbone to fix the implants. These dentures are more stable and comfortable when compared to removable dentures.

We offer both permanent and removable implant-supported dentures.  The implant-supported dentures bring confidence to you as they are not loosely fitting and will not be dislodged while eating or in daily use.

How is it done?

A normal denture is fitted on the jaw ridge, however, it dislodges during eating or talking we definitely have seen tons of funny videos about it and we are sure you have too.  When such things happen to us, they definitely shake our confidence and make us feel embarrassed.  However, when the dentures are fitted by using implants, they are far more stable and you do not have to worry about them falling off.

Before the implant-supported denture treatment starts, our dental surgeon will completely examine your jaws and review your medical and dental history.  X-rays/CT scans of your jaws are required to determine the area where to fix the implants without affecting the sinuses and nerves. Usually, our dentist places four implants in the jaw, two in the front and two in the back. These implants are connected using a metal bar, which helps with the stability of the implants.

After successfully placing the implants in your jaw, the next step is attaching the custom-made dentures to the implants.  The patients can select the type of denture either permanent or removable.

After Care

After your implant-supported denture treatment, you will be given proper instructions about caring for and maintenance of your new dentures by our dental surgeon. You need to remove your denture at night and also for cleaning purposes. We highly recommend regular check-ups for the maintenance of the dentures and implants and for the tightening of the dentures, if necessary.

Why Choose Us?

Through the combination of advanced technology and experienced dentists, Al Mumtaz Dental Center provides you with the best implant-supported denture treatment. Our skilled dentists will help you restore your smile as well as your confidence.