Orthopedic Functional Appliances

Orthopedic functional appliances are the devices used in orthodontics to reposition and redirect the growth of the jaws. These appliances are designed to harness natural forces such as those produced by muscles and the growth of the jaw to be repositioned.  These devices are mostly applied to growing children and sometimes to adults.  We at Al Mumtaz Dental Center use advanced functional appliances such as Twin Block and fixed functional like Carriere’s appliances.

We offer both removable and fixed devices and our orthodontist will suggest you what works best for you based on a proper examination of your oral cavity.  Although often used in adults, these appliances are particularly effective in children.  In this treatment, we use the child’s natural growth to our advantage and reroute it to better align the bite.  Early treatment will not only bring the advantage of faster correction of the bite problem but also an aesthetically appealing facial structure to your child.

Twin Block Appliances:  This appliance is removable and comes in two blocks, one for the upper and the other for the lower.  This makes it more comfortable for your child. The upper and lower blocks are placed on the upper and lower teeth respectively.  When you close your jaws together, these two halves of the device meet and the inclined surface of the meeting point moves the lower jaw forward.

Carriere’ Appliance: This appliance is generally used before starting the orthodontic treatment and it is bonded to the teeth such that it cannot be removed by the patient, hence it is more effective than the removable orthopedic appliances.

Our orthodontist at Al Mumtaz Dental Center recommends having your child’s orthodontic consultation at the age of 8-9 years even if you do not notice any malposition of the teeth. Only an orthodontist can determine if the child needs an early intervention for correction of skeletal malocclusion